Chinese social media marketing made easy

Grow your brand and revenue: make Chinese social media, like WeChat, part of your marketing strategy.

Magmatao allows you to establish social media presence in China  – with no Chinese language skills required.

Free access – no credit card required

Juggle Chinese social media easily

Why Magmatao?

Chinese social media marketing is a difficult challenge for foreign businesses.


Online presence is critical for success in the Chinese market

China has its own social media platforms unfamiliar to western marketers. Western social media platforms are not available in China.


You need to create engaging content and communicate effectively

To use Chinese social media, you need to know the Chinese language and understand the culture.

$2.06 trillion the value of Chinese imports in 2020
989M Chinese internet users
Post easily on Chinese social media
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Making Chinese social media marketing possible for every business

Creating and maintaining Chinese social media accounts is complicated and expensive, especially without previous experience working with China or Chinese language. We are here to change this.
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Easy and efficient

Magmatao makes Chinese social media management efficient and easy for SMEs worldwide by streamlining workflows and eliminating unnecessary tasks.

Magmatao is easy and efficient
WeChat means business
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WeChat, so hot right now

Magmatao now supports WeChat, the most popular social media app in China. And even better, support for new apps will be added in the coming months!

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Made in finland

Finland is known worldwide for great technology and happy people. By using Magmatao you’ll be happy too, guaranteed!

Magmatao is a great self-service alternative to a Chinese digital marketing agency.

Magmatao is made in Finland

 A Chinese social media


Magmatao app dashboard
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Everything happens in magmatao

This is your personal dashboard, where you can launch new tasks and check their progress.
Try the dashboard, the registration is free!

Tasks are our solution

Magmatao works by allowing you to launch tasks. Each task is a standardized workflow that speeds up collaboration, reducing miscommunication and unnecessary manual work.
Login, launch a task, pay with credit card and have it done!


Open a WeChat Official Account

The first step to get noticed by Chinese users. It’s the equivalent of a western website.


Translate, format and publish a WeChat article

Give us your existing content and we will adapt it for WeChat and publish it.


Write, translate, format and publish a WeChat article

Even better, let us create WeChat-optimized content based on your input.


Because it might take very little to have sound advice, or understand a detail.
Our Project Managers are available to help.

Voodoo Lily

Full service

We have your back! The services of our parent company Voodoo Lily plus Magmatao as collaboration tool. The best of all worlds.

Enterprise plan

Enterprise plans

Tailor the Magmatao app to your needs. PI based pricing, custom tasks to fit specific workflows and more.

Tasks are molded on our experience as a digital marketing agency.
Magmatao was born out of our challenges managing relationships with our customers.

We’re working with

Our first customers

Helsinki Business Hub
Parco Madonie
Helsinki Partners

About Us

We’re Chinese social media Experts

We are backed by a China-focused digital marketing agency: Magmatao wants to open up access to Chinese social media by building tools that make it easy.

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Our Mission

Creating and maintaining Chinese social media accounts is hard and expensive without previous experience working with China or Chinese language. Magmatao’s mission is to develop affordable and easy-to-use digital tools that allow SMEs worldwide to establish social media presence in China.

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Our Experts

Once you launch a Task, the Project Manager –PM– is responsible for keeping the task right on track for quality and deadlines. The PM selects from a pool of Chinese-speaking Specialists the one who will execute the brainy bits, and the automation takes care of the rest!

Benefits of using Magmatao for Chinese social media marketing

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Agency-like quality

An internal Project Manager supervises the work and keeps standards high.

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24/7 global availability

Better than a global agency: around the clock self-service, professional B2B oriented SaaS.

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More time for creativity

By streamlining workflows and eliminating unnecessary tasks, Magmatao releases extra time for creativity.

Juggle Chinese social media easily
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No need for hiring

Magmatao allows any company to use Chinese social media without the need of hiring new Chinese speaking staff or finding a specialized marketing agency.

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Transparent pricing and schedules

Keep your project on budget and on time by knowing in advance the cost of each task and the time required.
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Better results - less effort

Predefined, clear tasks facilitate and speed up collaboration and reduce miscommunication by providing a clear collaborative framework.