We are an agile and global team based in Helsinki Finland 🇫🇮 specializing in Asian marketing and communication.  

We are driven by a strong desire to understand the complexities of the human mind and cultural diversity, applying this insight to create meaningful narratives and innovative strategies. 

Our mission is to connect Asia, Europe, and the US, fostering mutual understanding and integrating diverse perspectives through impactful communication.

Our team is driven by curiosity and a forward-thinking mindset, always keeping us a step ahead in the fast-paced digital world. With our expertise in international markets, we ensure your message strikes a chord across cultures.

We believe in the power of honest and transparent communication, because genuine connections are built on trust.
Three founders with expertise in marketing, design, and technology bring a startup mindset to the table: Grace from China, Mona from Finland, and Andrea from Italy.

Andrea – IT


Grace – Marketing


Mona – Design

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