Magmatao services

Impactful Solutions
for Local Digital Platforms

In the last years, the importance of the Chinese market for European companies significantly shifted. Many companies realized that a broader Asian market strategy was more fitting for their needs. 

But where do you start? How do you even find the right partner? We have noticed that it’s very challenging to get started in the Asian Market and attract tourists, investors, entrepreneurs and international companies.

This is where we, Magmatao, come in, born to tackle the complex but urgently needed integration of Asian market marketing.

We can help. Here are the tools we’ve been using to help multiple companies like yours quickly pivot in their new direction — without any of the typical cookie-cutter approaches to marketing.


Content Creation

Deliver your messages to authentic Chinese, Japanese and Korean by our native speakers

Strategic Marketing Planning

Customized strategies aligning with business goals.

Social Media Management

Engaging content, audience growth on the suitable local platforms like WeChat, Note, Naver and more

Online Advertisement

Boost the traffic to your online campaign, win the most precise target audience

Community Buildup

We understand your audience and know the best way to engage and maintain them

Performance Optimization

With our martech expertise, we help to optimize your marketing (to sales) funnel


Cross-Cultural Design

Specializing in design that bridges cultural gaps for global resonance, especially in markets like China, Japan, and Korea.

Brand Design

Crafting unique brand identities that reflect your values and stand out in the market.

Service Design

Focused on holistic customer journeys to enhance satisfaction and loyalty.

VR and 3D Graphics

Creating immersive VR and stunning 3D graphics for futuristic digital experiences.

Graphic Design

Delivering clear, creative, and impactful brand messaging across all media.

UI Design

Designing intuitive and beautiful user interfaces for improved digital interaction.

UX Design

Solving user problems with seamless experiences that boost engagement and conversion.

Problem Solving

Committed to innovative solutions through design thinking for challenges and opportunities


As a digital marketing agency with an IT department, we are proud to use advanced technology when needed.
Rather than name dropping cutting edge technologies, here’s our guiding principles.

AI for Human Augmentation

We believe that AI should be an enhancer of the human intellect, not a substitute.

Proactive Guidance

We take pride in doing the best for our customers, paying attention to every detail, even if it’s not what they know they want yet.

Security and Privacy as Cornerstones

We prioritize the security and privacy of data in every solution, recognizing their critical importance in the digital age.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Technologies

We are committed to leveraging the latest advancements in IT, ensuring our customers stay ahead of the curve.

Enhanced Integration

Our in-house IT department ensures seamless and agile integration of technology in our marketing strategies.