What is WeChat?

WeChat Screenshots
WeChat is the most important getaway to China. It is a super app that serves as a one-stop shop for consumers. It has become the dominant platform for communication and commerce in China, with over 1 billion monthly active users. WeChat’s user base is highly engaged, with half of them opening the app 10 times daily and spending an average of 120 minutes on it.

You can use WeChat for all aspects of running your business in China. From communication to marketing to sales to customer support, you can get just about anything done within WeChat.

You can think of WeChat as:

whatsapp Instant messages: connect family and friends.

Business network: Connect with colleagues and share career updates.

Slack Workspace communication: work related talk, file transfer, conference all, work schedule and report.

  • 90% of Chinese professionals prefer WeChat for workplace communications.
  • 70% of the Chinese rely on WeChat for work-related communications instead of email.

FacebookBrand Marketing & SCRM: deliver brand messaging via brand public accounts. Collect users data and build online community via embedded  SCRM function.

Instagram Photo Editing and Short Video: enable social content creation and sharing.

App stores Mini-Programs: digitalize service functions without the user-friction of app downloads.

Paypal Payment solution: WeChat Pay, connect consumers via both online and offline purchase scenarios.

Discord Community talk: gather people of same interest.

Twitch Livestream: live stream and live stream e-commerce.

Amazon E-commerce: independent sellers.