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Magmatao combines marketing communication with a desire to understand the complexity of the human mind and the diversity of cultures. Our mission is to weave together various perspectives, promoting mutual understanding through communication.


At Magmatao, we are all about harnessing the latest technological smarts, creative flair, and a keen sense of cultural diversity to craft far-reaching marketing strategies and practical solutions.

Our team is driven by curiosity and a forward-thinking mindset, always keeping us a step ahead in the fast-paced digital world.

We believe in the power of honest and transparent communication, because genuine connections are built on trust.

With our expertise in international markets, we ensure your message strikes a chord across cultural divides.

Social media

We are going into the second stage of social media. The first stage of social media is seeking for popularity. The second stage is releasing Authenticity.

Social media is about ‘What I can be, not what I need to be.’ We promote inspiration and opportunities.

We caution against toxic comparisons which has been the mainstream in marketing.

We are not against consumerism, but against conformism.

Social media can only push us away from happiness if it is not used to empower diverse, meaningful standards.


As a digital marketing agency with an IT department, we are proud to use advanced technology when needed.

AI for Human Augmentation: We believe that AI should be an enhancer of the human intellect, not a substitute.

Proactive Guidance: We take pride in doing the best for our customers, paying attention to every detail, even if it’s not what they know they want yet.

Security and Privacy as Cornerstones: We prioritize the security and privacy of data in every solution, recognizing their critical importance in the digital age.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Technologies: We are committed to leveraging the latest advancements in IT, ensuring our customers stay ahead of the curve.

Enhanced Integration: Our in-house IT department ensures seamless and agile integration of technology in our marketing strategies.

In the dynamic digital landscape, Magma represents rapid adaptation, pioneering innovation, and the fearless pursuit of change, even in the face of resistance.

Tao, from Chinese Taoism, embodies the wisdom of conforming with the laws of nature, seeing the reality as it is, taking action in alignment with the greater good rather than self-interest.

Magmatao is the philosophy of our company, the wisdom to do what’s right and the determination to take action.


Three marketing, design and technology professionals with a startup mindset. Grace from China, Mona from Finland, Andrea from Italy.

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Grace Zhang



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